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Q: What is ATSnapper?

ATSnapper is a service you can install via the Setup. Once you activated it on one client/server, you don't have to create snapshots of your own. Depending on your configuration, it takes snapshots every few hours. (Default: 11h and 23h)

Q: What is ATSilentUpdater?

This is a service to automatically update all outdated computers. Like ATSnapper, it can be installed via the Setup routine. It scans your remote assetfolder for computers which did not get updated in a specific time (Check your options) and tries to update them. To prevent perfomance-issues on the machine, this is only done every 6 hours.

Q: Do I need to use the script within a logonscript?

No! Using it via a logonscript just makes it easier to stay up to date and you never get into troubles with authentication. If you decide to scan your network on a regular basis this is of course fine as well. If so, having ATSilentUpdater running might be a good idea.

Q: Why do I get an empty asset with the error "There was an error connecting to *IP*"

You will see this message, when one of the following situations occur:
  • You don't have access to the computer
  • You have a typo in your authentication settings
  • The "scan" was blocked by a firwall
  • The computer is running Win NT and WMI is not installed
  • It is not a computer
If you want to audit a computer, the software is opening a WMI connection to the target computer. For this to work, please make sure that the DCOM port (135 TCP) is open and the target is running "Windows Management Instrumentation" in services. WMI is running by default.

The only exception is WIN NT, where you have to install it manually first. Get it at Microsoft wmi download then! AssetTracker is adding an entry for each device it found (if scanned via IP-range). If the target device is not a computer, a dummy entry will be saved.

Q: I don't get all of my computers! Whats wrong?

By default, all assets with errors are filtered out. So you can't see devices without WMI installed. Please check the Q "Why I do get an empty asset...".

If the target is not a computer with WMI installed (Like linux, printers or IP-phones) and you want to list them in AssetTracker, you first have to disable the filter in options. After you labeled/renamed the asset, it won't be filtered out again.



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